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President of the Ontario Association of Parliamentarians

In the summer of 2007, the president of the Ontario Association of Parliamentarians was injured in a serious car accident. Over the past year and a half, in my role as vice-president, I’ve been helping her to carry the load. Tonight, however, at a special meeting of the board of directors, her resignation [...]

The launch of Raplyn Consulting

As of January 18, my parliamentary consulting business, formerly known as Dan Lynch, Professional Registered Parliamentarian, is now called Raplyn Consulting. This represents the third major change to the business in the last three months. First, on October 20, after resigning from my day job, I began working full-time rather than part-time in [...]

New name and branding for my business

Over the past few months, I have been working to develop a new name and branding strategy for my business. In the coming weeks, this will finally be realized, in both the physical world and here on the Internet.
The new name of my parliamentary business will be Raplyn Consulting. The word “Raplyn” doesn’t [...]

New Year’s resolutions for deliberative assemblies

The new year is fast approaching, and with it come New Year’s resolutions. Many individuals make these resolutions, but very few non-profit associations get around to it. This is a shame, because adopting resolutions are exactly what deliberative assemblies are for! What can your non-profit association resolve to do this coming year [...]

Prorogation of Parliament

Thursday of last week, the Governor General issued a proclamation proroguing the Parliament of Canada, thus ending the first session of the 40th Parliament. The political reasons for this action, and the consequences thereof, have been thoroughly discussed in Canadian news media in recent days, but the story is also interesting from a parliamentary procedural [...]

Updated description of services

I decided today to update the website description of three of my services: meeting parliamentarian, professional presiding officer, and written parliamentary opinions. Hopefully this will give my prospective clients a better understanding of the services I offer, and how helpful I can be to their organizations.

Rejoining the American Institute of Parliamentarians

Several years ago, when I was becoming more serious about parliamentary procedure, I decided to join the American Institute of Parliamentarians. Although similar to the National Association of Parliamentarians, AIP takes a broader perspective on parliamentary procedure, by encouraging the study of parliamentary authorities other than Robert’s Rules of Order Newly Revised. Specifically, [...]

A question of confidence

The Canadian news media have been a-flutter these past few days on rumours (and news) that the opposition parties will try to form a coalition government following the failure of an upcoming motion of confidence in the House of Commons. This is very exciting from a political perspective, but there are also some interesting [...]

Social media supporting the deliberative assembly

The expression “social media” generally refers to web-based services, such as Facebook, Delicious, and Digg, and technologies, such as wikis and forums, that facilitate discussion and information sharing based on user participation and user-generated content. Many non-profit organizations can benefit from using these new tools, not only in their marketing and other public-facing [...]

Electronic meetings

A few years ago, a rash of articles were published in the National Parliamentarian and the Parliamentary Journal concerning how parliamentary procedure could be applied to electronic meetings. In particular, the focus was on asynchronous electronic meetings, wherein the participants would make, debate, and vote on motions via e-mail over a period of days and [...]

Dan Lynch

Dan Lynch is a Professional Registered Parliamentarian and meeting procedure consultant based in Toronto, Ontario, Canada. He is the founder and sole proprietor of Raplyn Consulting.