President of the Ontario Association of Parliamentarians

In the summer of 2007, the president of the Ontario Association of Parliamentarians was injured in a serious car accident. Over the past year and a half, in my role as vice-president, I’ve been helping her to carry the load. Tonight, however, at a special meeting of the board of directors, her resignation from office was accepted and I therefore become president. It is important to note that even when an association’s by-laws are silent, when the office of president becomes vacant, the vice-president automatically moves up to president, and cannot refuse this promotion.

It’s not ideal to assume an elected office under such circumstances, but assume it I must. Accordingly, I’ve made some committee appointments, thus forming my new administration. It will be a brief administration, however, as my term of office will be up for election in less than three months. My intention was to run for the office in April anyway, so maybe I should just think of this as a bit of a head start on my first term.

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